Sunday, December 31, 2006

Baa Baa Gay Sheep

Interesting findings arise from Oregon State University, findings which indicate a possiblity of reversing the 'gayhood' of some sheep.
The science, which at this point appears to be sound focuses on the hormonal balance in rams whose behavior was previously very un-ram like.

But, all of the science aside for the moment. The real furor over this research is in the San Francisco Bath houses and the gay enclaves from coast to coast and indeed worldwide.
And all the way to 'Merry" old England.
Tennis star Martina Navratilova is all aghst that research should be donr to contrvert the "rights' of the sheep to be gay !!!!!!

Major Doofusite there.
1) Since when did sheep attain 'rights' of any kind? Lets not even go to the issue of whether an animal gets to choose it's oreintation! Last time I checked the barnyard critters were still the property of the rancher, farmer or whoever was raising them. Unlike Dred Scott, I don't see the Supreme Court conferring the rights of humanity on to a group of critters.

2) IF it is possible for the researchers to correct abberant behaviour in sheep, what can possibly be wrong with that? Does the act of being gay somehow define for a sheep a special relevance?
Do those sheep who are gay get preferential treatment at the slaughterhouse?

Okay, Okay, enough of making fun of the fools who seem to want there to be gay sheep running around, perhaps as a diversion for Michael Jackson, to keep him off of the kids in Dubai or wherever he is mooching a place to live these days.
The obvious issue is that Martina N. and the rest of the gay activist crowd don't want any research to be done which might show the fallacy of their explanations for why they are gay.

The gay crowd don't want there to be a physical or biological reason for the abberant behavior, they would much rather have it be a 'hard-wired' psychological behavior. A behavior beyond the realm of any doctor or mental health expert to remedy. That fixation of the problem is understandable. No one want s to know they've been living in a lifestyle which is dangerous (healthwise) and viewed with disdain simply because the hormonal balnce was skewed from the norm.

How much better it must seem to simply be the victim of nature, through random processes beyond the ability of anyone to fix. Instead of seeking a cure to abnormal behavior, the humanistic, relativistic cultural approach is to embrace the abnormal behavior with great enthusiasm. Making the practitioners of abberant behavior to seem 'special' and to honor them for the abnormality. How degrading that really is though, instead of being celebrated for ones achievments and efforts. As if the achievments were merely a side note to a life otherwise drably boring and useless.

Somehow I believe Mozart, Einstein, Abe Lincoln and the rest of the great achievers in the history of the planet might disagree.

And by the way, so do I.

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