Monday, April 16, 2007

Pelosi Found in John Birch Meeting

According to a source at , Nanny Pelosi was found in a John Birch Society meeting late last week.
The intent of her sojurn into the dark side was not immediately clear. She had apparently gone dressed as a Rastifarian including dredlocks.

On being denied entrance, she used her House of Reps ID with aa $100 bill to the Master at Arms in attendance at the door,to finagle an entry to the open door meeting. After entering and mingling during the pre-meeting happy hour and imbibing approximately three martinis, a pair of scotch and sodas and two Rum shots, she was then ready to do battle with the other attendees.

At that point though she was also just a little to sloshed to maintain control of her thought processes. She kept mumbling about wanting the other "Dyke Bitch" and Billy the Two Timer to let her have a chance at ruining the Country.

When Ms Nanny had finally succumbed to the Demon Rum and quieted down. The meeting began in earnest, at which point Ms Nanny jumped up and started screaming about wanting the U.S.S. George Washington as her Official "Boat" and "they would just have to figure out how to land a 747 on that damn thing."

At the end of the meeting Ms. Nanny was left slumped over a chair murmuring about the size of someones "gerbil" in her purse.
Oddly Richard Gere had never made an appearance at the meeting.


todd anthony said...

Thank you for allowing me post on your site. Can I ask an uneducated comment? What is "John Birch?"

Anonymous said...

Regarding your question on 'what is John Birch?' - it's the guy who invented Birch beer.

TonyGuitar said...

John Birch?? Think kinda KKK.

Pelosi and Sheenan are shrill about troop pull out..

Eat this leftist moonbats!

Marine speaking with Michael Totten in a more peaceful Fallujah Iraq.
“How does it feel to be back?” I said. “Are you surprised by what it's like now?”
“Oh, definitely,” he said. “From what I understand, after 3/5 left the first time it became very bad. There were snipers all the time, IEDs all the time. And then – I'm not sure which unit – they came in and the city pretty much changed overnight.

The attacks stopped. People are happy to see us out here. From hearing that when we were here it was good, then hearing that it went bad again, and now hardly any attacks on us, it's just amazing.”
“Was it worth it, do you think?” I said.
“Yes,” he said without hesitation.
“Why?” I said.
“We got rid of an insurgency and fought the bad guys,” he said. “That's why people join the Marine Corps, to go and fight.”

I laughed. Marines like to say this sort of thing. They seem slightly more disappointed than Army soldiers when there's nobody to shoot at. Many I've spoken to want to re-deploy to Afghanistan where they can still *get some.* At the same time, it seems they're happy to see that the war in Fallujah has been practically won.

“So yeah,” he continued. “It was worth it. We got rid of a tyrant. It sounds bad, but I'd rather fight insurgents over here than have more attacks in the U.S. A lot of people, I think, don't understand that if we weren't over here – maybe not in Iraq, but in the Middle East – I think more attacks would be going on in the United States.

Why would they go and fly all the way to the United States when they can just fight us over here? That's just my personal view on it.”
Have you noticed how the shrill **Bring back the troops* gang are now less shrill?=TG

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