Friday, August 19, 2005

Jews vs. Israelis

The secular Zionists have won another round with the near completion of the Gaza pullout. it seems as if Israel will have to go through the same sort of problems it went through two millenia ago.
Life can be a bummer when we don't listen to God tyhe Father and then DO WHAT HE TELLS US TO.
When the Father told the Jews to clear out the Promised Land,it could be that HE meant just that- clear it out !
The tribe of Dan failed in one area and left the Philistines in place, Since then its been nothing but trouble for the Jews.
They may have to lose it all over again, to have it replaced by the King of Glory on His appointed day.
Serves them right for not paying attention this time either I guess.
But still, all in all, sad to see.

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