Saturday, August 06, 2005


Immigration to Canada declines instead!
  • Immigration
  • Newsmaxreports. Rather than some mass exodus of Lefty Loonies to Canada, (a good thing) the Lefty Loonies simply stayed wherever they were. (a bad thing ?) Well, go figure. Even the Lefty Loonies couldn't give up the good life with Starbucks, Walmart, and The Home Depot. Apparently the righteous indignation of the Left is about as deep as reality in Hollyweird.

    Hoping for a bit of relief soon, all these days in a row of 100 + degree heat is sapping the strength out of me. Still California is the only place to be.

    Also reported in Newsmax
  • Hate Crimes
  • are up by six hundred percent since the July 7 attack. DUH !!
    Guess what ?? it's only going to get worse !! When (not if) more attacks occur in the Western World STAND BY, the outpouring of vitriol, abuse and oft mistaken physical retribution against Muslims will be beyond imagining.

    And now for something completely different....
    Israel says they are going to crack down on the Israeli militants who want Israel to remain true to it's founding documents - The Old Testament -
    In a report
  • Crackdown

  • The israeli Arabs are whinig and moaning about how Israel didn't stop the attack and should have and their dog didn't come back from the cleaners and they had a flat tire and yada yada yada. Last time I looked, Israel had it's hands full just tracking down the palestinian homicide bombers.

    But the further erosion of civil liberties in Israel is just another step on the trail PM Sharon has chosen.
    I wish I could share with you what a missionary in Israel sees happeing. The report they brought home was an eye opener of the nth degree.
    Things are not well in the Holy Land !!!

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