Friday, February 17, 2006

Alec Baldwin - Dung Beetle

Alec baldwins post on the Huffington blog is idiotic. Conspiracy theroies and blatant wishful thinking from a committed Socialist, or perhaps marxist. Well, either one, they both stink.
Its not even humourous enough to rate a giggle, and it can't be serious piece, even Alec Baldwin can be that stupid. Probably.
Wellperhaps he is..
Yeah I suppose he is.
Seems like he should stick to the B movie business he's in. Come to think of it they aren't very good either. Maybe he could find another job, a rat breeder, or drug company test subject - testing various drugs to figure out what the side affects are. Or maybe just retire, his brain is obviously worn out.

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biglucy@nev said...

he's a shill for the dems, and socialists. he should just stick to whaat he knows - nothing

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