Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Anti-Arab Bigotry ? or Common Sense

Now the Arabs are all in an uproar over the big Port Buy Out.
The charge is that we Americans are being Anti Arab Bigots, well just DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya think? Maybe their is actually a reason to be concerned about handing over the operations of some of the largest ports on the East Coast to a bunch of Moozlum Raghead Camel Jockeys?

I'm not suggesting all Muslims are Islamo-Fascist Extremists.
I am suggesting it only takes half a dozen to put a crimp in your day when they have access to a few ounces of radiological material for Dirty Bomb, or a few ounces of Anthrax or any of the other Bio WMD.

And I am suggesting the process of selling off the infrastructure of a country - most specifically this one, is an enormously poor idea. The idea of selling off the infrastructure to an Arab based company is more than that, it seems suicidal.

W needs to get his head out of his butt and pay attention to what the real issue is - security of the nation.

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Anonymous said...

so silly, its just the operaations, not security

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