Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Islamo Fascist Fools

The cartoon issue is out of control, not because the Muslims are offended, but because the syrians and iRANTians want it to be out of control. Where are the embassies and consulates being burned? In the countries who want to hide from their current problems, (nuke enrichment and Harriri)
Why the Muslims who actually practice the religion as written in the Koran would buy into this garbage is beyond me.
But so was Jim and Tammy Baker, Jim Jomes and the entire televangelist thingie.
The one thing I try to keep in mind is that they (the Muslims) worship the same God I, as a Christian worship.
In may ways Muslims are closer to my Fundamental Evangelical views than, say perhaps a Catholic or definitely a Mormon.
And oddly enough, so I'm told by a muslim the Koran mentions Jesus and names Him as the Messiah.

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very, very erresonspible, and dangerus to

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