Saturday, July 09, 2005

Intelligent Design and Jihadists

Intelligent Design
An interesting read:
  • The Priveleged Planet

  • by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards
    Intelligent Design from my perspective is of course a far better idea than randomly mutating chimps and apes. An eye opener to find though, that even the Hindu's support the concept. Perhaps there is hope for them yet! It is perhaps a giant step for the Hindu's, to get from animist worship, to worshipping He who made the critters.
    But a step which can be found to be rooted in their theology. Presuming the existence of a Divine Creator is already part of the process for a Hindu. Explaining the concept of worshipping the Creator rather than the created is an exercise in patience, But can be rewarded by the emergence of a new creature in Christ - a FORMER Hindu.
    A thought which came up after reading from an article found at the
  • Discovery Institute

  • Jihadists
    Londoners now probably understand better the fine line between Free Speech and the incitement to murderous action of Abu Hamza al-Masri. The muslim cleric who has for past several years been reported as inciting his followers to engage in the jihad, not in palestine or Iraq but their adopted homeland of England. He is also the Islamic facist who is uder investigation in this country for attempting to start a terror training camp in Oregon.
    Say what you will about the concept of "profiling' and the political incorecctness
    of it. As has been stated so many times already and by so many - The twin towers were not brought down by blond haired blue eyed Scandanavians.
    Just a bunch of Islamoterrorists who were predomanately Saudi Arabians. As is his supreme chucklehead Usama Bin Laden. Even with Saudi Arabia slagged over, the oil is still there.
    Slagging these goofy jihadists over isn't likely, and may not even be practical within the arena of world politics. It is an answer though, which no jihadist can mistake for an uneasiness about protecting this country from they're silliness.

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