Sunday, July 03, 2005

Take a Moment

Hey its the Fourth of July weekend, time for pretzels, hotdogs, iced cappucinos and a day off from work... right ?
Think again, the Guys and Gals fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan or training somewhere to do the job of Freedom Protector of the United States don't have have the day off, probably don't have an iced cappucino or even (gasp) a cappucino of any kind.
But they may have fireworks provided by the local [un]friendly jihadists.

So maybe we can all take a moment to remember and perhaps even say a prayer for them. I'm sure they need it, and from my days in the USN even when I wasn't an active, committed Christian, I liked it when I thought about the folks back home praying for me.

So here it is People, for every Man and Woman giving their all for the USA:
Father God I pray you would touch every man and every woman in our Armed Services today.
I pray that You Father would hold them in Your hand, watch over them as they go about their jobs today, wrap Your angels around each and every one of them.
Be with the men and women in uniform today and let them know that we, as Americans may not be heard on ABC or CNN or any news anywhere today, but we are thinking of them and we care about them and we are praying for their safe return home.
in Jesus holy name.

And for you Daniel, Jordan, and T.J. - be safe.


Anonymous said...

I hope that on this 4th, you take a moment to pray. Pray for direction, forgiveness, some creativity... and a purpose that has more to do with YOU then others.

Seriously. Ask your god to guide you. You seem to need it. Or you could actually do some actual intellectual research. Just a thought.

garficher said...

Did you think I hadn't ?

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