Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Swing Vote ???, Blogging is the answer

Re: SCOTUS nominee John G. Roberts - Sen. Chucky Schumer's rant this morning about the need to find someone who can be a swing voter is one of two things: a] A total lack of understanding about what the SCOTUS process is [possible] or
b] an early start of misinforming the American Public.
Chucky should know better, but he takes the typical liberal stance. If they [the Lefty Loonies] say it often enough and loud enough to the Old Media, enough people will finally believe it.
BUT... "The Blog is on!"
When the Lefty loonies realize the bloggers are the death knell to their idiotic rants, they will try to silence us.
When they atry to silence us we will BLOG EVEN LOUDER !!!!

And Howard Dean as always has an unbiased approach:

"Democrats take very seriously the responsibility to protect the individual rights of all Americans and are committed to ensuring that ideological judicial activists are not appointed to the Supreme Court.
Like The Ruth Bader Ginsburg chumpette. apparently she wouldn't pass muster with Howard "aaaarrrrrrghhhh" Dean. Even though being a LIBERAL ideologue.


SemiMBA said...

Where you born a self-rightous idiot, or did you learn it all by yourself?

garficher said...

self-righteous idiot ??
after perusing your blog -
I feel really good about myself !

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